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It’s been quiet over here on this blog for some time: these days I’m usually to be seen over at the Kluwer Mediation blog. However, in case there is anyone who occasionally checks in on this site, I also recommend that you check here:


These academies in arbitration and mediation have been running for over decade (slightly less for the mediation academy) and provide a unique experiment in running parallel sessions in the two forms of private dispute resolution, dealing with the same set of facts of a commercial deal that has gone sour. The final day sees the arbitration and mediation groups brought together to compare notes and outcomes.

The links to comments on the academies’ website will give you an idea of what participants have thought of previous years’ experience.

While both academies are pitched as good entry-points for aspiring arbitrators and mediators, we’ve seen a considerable range in age and experience, so it’s not entirely a young persons’ event.

I do recommend these academies (with the obvious disclaimer, as I’ve been on the teaching faculty of the mediation programme for the past few years).


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