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Moving on

Dear readers

You’ll have noted a seriously diminished flow of writing on this site in recent times, as I moved over to a regular blogging spot on the Kluwer Mediation Blog. Now that I have shifted back from Singapore to New Zealand, I have less immediate access to the life and world of mediation in Singapore (in particular) and Asia (in general), though no less interest in developments there. For that reason, I will be closing down this blog.

However, I retain the intellectual property – for the time being – in the title and name “MediAsian”. I am aware that the term has acquired some currency in various publications in Singapore, which I’m happy about. And what I’d now like to do is see whether any individuals, organisations, or institutions are interested in taking over – that is acquiring – the name.

If you are, write to me at ianmacduff@mac.com

Thank you for your previous visits to this site



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